Have you ever thought about your eternity?

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says God put eternity in man's heart. Deep down inside each of us is a yearning to live for eternity. The bible says that eventually everything that we see in this world will pass away, but the unseen things which are eternal will remain (2 Cor 4:18). 1 John 2:17 also states that the world is passing away with its desires but whoever does the will of God lives forever.

We can certainly say then if the bible is true, it's important to know whether or not we are in God's will. Have you ever considered if you are in God's will? Do you know what would happen if you were to die tomorrow?

While it seems impossible for anyone to know for sure, did you know there are many testimonies of men and women who have nearly died and have seen what it's like on the other side? Many who have lived through near death experiences testify that heaven, hell and Jesus are real, confirming the many warnings and admonitions in the bible which plead with man to repent and believe in Jesus for their salvation.

The Sky Diver

Mickey Robinson dies in a plane crash while on a sky diving expedition and experiences a descent into hell after his spirit leaves his body. As the darkness is about to close and seal his fate, he remembers God and calls out to him for help and he is given another chance to live. His whole life changes after his NDE and he now tells people hell is real and heaven is real and that Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life.
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The Surfer

Ian McCormack gets stunned by a box jellyfish while surfing in the ocean. Before he slips into unconsciousness, he prays the Lord's prayer before death. He is offered the chance to enter paradise or return to earth. He chooses to return unable to cope with the fact that his christian mother who had been praying for him would have thought he died without Jesus.
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The Atheist Professor

Professor Howard Storm gets a sudden ulcer during a trip to Europe landing him in a Paris hospital. As he lay waiting for surgery, he believed he was not going to live and mentally prepared himself to die. After saying goodbye to his wife, he eventually passed out. What he experienced afterwards changes his life forever.
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The Pastor's Son

During the months after emergency surgery, Colton Burpo describes events and people that seemed impossible for him to have seen or met. Examples include his miscarried sister, who no one had told him about, and his great grandfather who died 30 years before Colton was born.
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The Vietnam Vet

Ron Pettey dies during brain surgery related to wounds he received in Vietnam. He is taken outside the heavenly city and finds that his name isn't yet written in the book of life. Afterwards he founds out his time is not up yet and sees some astonishing confirmations that his vision was real.
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The Unforgiving Pastor

Pastor Daniel dies after a traffic accident but finds himself in hell. An angel later tells him that although he had served God all his life, because he couldn't forgive his wife, neither could God forgive him if he were to die now. (Matthew 18:21-35) God gives him another chance and he miraculously comes back to life three days later.
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The Satanist

John Ramirez was the third rank high priest of a satanic cult in New York City. He was a practicing satanist for twenty-five years until he encountered Someone who was greater than any witchcraft spell he ever cast.
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The Boxer

Boxer Earthquake Kelley was raised in a family that practiced witchcraft but accepted Jesus as savior later in life. After getting a brain hemorage and dying in the hospital, he finds himself in heaven.
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The Devout Muslim

Devout muslim Dr. Nasir Siddiki develops a case of uncurable shingles. He nearly dies, sees Jesus and gets healed. Jesus tells him he is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and reveals that He is the son of God.
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Death in Casino

A nominal Christian who believed in Jesus but didn't live for him expected to go to heaven but ends up in outer darkness after having a heart attack in a casino. He describes outer darkness as a place of nothingness which lasts for eternity. His experience challenges proponents of kingdom exclusion who speculate that outer darkness is only temporary for believers. He comes back to preach that it's not enough to believe in Jesus but you have to really know him.
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The Realtor

Real Estate Agent Bill Weise has an out of body experience and finds himself in hell for 23 minutes. He recounts his harrowing experience in great detail and dedicates his life to warning a world that increasingly doubts hell exists.
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The Suicide Attempt

Tamara Laroux shot herself in the chest, died, and went to hell. Before shooting herself, she prays asking God for forgiveness for what she is about to do. Jesus rescues her from hell and takes her to heaven for a glimpse of it, before returning her spirit to her body.
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The Gospel Singer

Tony Davis was an aspiring R&B artist turned gospel singer. His life was almost cut short when he was shot multiple times. During his near death experience he was taken to heaven, but God told him he still had more work to finish.
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The Bar Fight

Ronald Reagan gets a major artery cut in a fight and experiences clinical death. He returns with a testimony of Hell and a transformed worldview.
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The Kidney Stone

Dean Braxton was hospitalized due to a kidney stone. There were complications during the surgery and and he ended up in the ICU. Medical records show that he experienced cardiac arrest and died for one hour and forty-five minutes. When he died, he was transported to heaven where he saw Jesus, family members including grandmother and aunt. His grandmother told him it wasn't his time yet and to bring as many people as possible to heaven.
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The Contractor

Avowed atheist and contractor, Brian Melvin drinks a jug of contaminated water at a construction site. He ends up flat on his back and passes away 72 hours later. Afterwards he experiences a descent to hell which he describes in harrowing detail. This video is not for the faint hearted although it has a happy ending.
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Other Visions of Heaven and Hell

A Trip to Paradise

Jesse Duplantis visits paradise and describes it as a planet filled with trees, mountains, lakes, animals and flowers. His vision upends the unbiblical idea of heaven as a boring place up in the clouds filled with harps and angels. What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived -- the things God has prepared for those who love him - 1 Cor 2:9
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The Mafia Leader

A Hong Kong mafia leader shares his journey to becoming a Christian. During his struggles he commits to taking his own life, unable to meet the demands of being a true disciple of Jesus. Before he does, God gives him a vision of heaven and hell and he learns that it's not enough to just believe in Jesus without repentance.
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The Crack Dealer

Huey Harris grew up selling crack eventually becoming a big time drug dealer. He recieves an extraordinary vision of God's coming judgement on the earth and gives his life to Jesus.
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The Seeking Hindu

Mahesh Chavada grew up in a Hindu family but started to read Bible at age of 16. Soon after, he had a dream that lead him to visit Heaven and encountered Jesus. Now, he spread Gospel and works in healing ministry.
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